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Travel Medicine Services

Traveler's Medical Service offers a comprehensive range of services for individual travelers, companies and organizations. Whether you need a single vaccine, complete pre-travel preparation or development of a travel medicine program for your employees, we offer an exceptional level of expert and personalized service.

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Pre-travel Consultations

Certified Yellow Fever Vaccination Center

Travel and Routine Vaccines

Malaria Prevention Advice
Post-travel Medical Care
Business Travel and Corporate Programs
Traveling Families, Children and Students
Adventure and "Back Pack" Travelers
International Volunteers and Long-term Travelers
Essential Travel Products


Learn how Traveler's Medical Service, the expert resource for
travel medicine services, can help prepare you for an upcoming trip.

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Pre-travel Consultations


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• Provide you with current information on destination specific disease outbreaks, health risks and safety concerns.
• Develop a personalized travel health risk profile including the appropriate health and safety measures based on your needs.

• Recommend, discuss and administer vaccinations

• Discuss specific measures to help you avoid insect bites and reduce the risk of travelers' diarrhea and other food and water borne illnesses

• Prescribe medications to help prevent malaria (if applicable based on your itinerary details) and manage travelers' diarrhea

• Review safety issues such as rabies avoidance, road and pedestrian safety, the risk of blood-borne infections and how to access medical care during travel.
• Discuss specific risks and concerns related to age, health and medical issues. For example, children, pregnant or breastfeeding women and those with pre-existing medical conditions need special advice and preparation

• Discuss the impact of environmental factors, such as altitude and air-pollution, motion sickness and jet lag and ways to manage them

• Provide you with a personalized packet of valuable travel health and safety information and your official vaccination record ("yellow card") to keep with your travel documents.

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