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Appointment and Payment Policies

Our appointment and payment policies are in place to help us provide you with the highest quality of service. When you schedule an appointment, our staff will help you to select an appropriate appointment type and time frame. They will also review the appointment and vaccine fees with you. The final cost of your visit will depend on the type of appointment and number of vaccines that you receive. For example if you book for a brief appointment, and request additional services and advice, there will be additional fees associated with this.

Appointment Policy

Appointment Types
• Pre-travel services: vaccinations and consultations
• Post-travel consultations


Payment Policy





Traveler's Medical Service

  All of our pre-travel vaccination and services require an "office visit" or consultation. The type of visit (brief or comprehensive) will depend on your needs:

• We recommend that all travelers have a complete pre-travel consultation to help ensure that you are best prepared for the health risks and concerns related to your trip.

• We also have a brief appointment options for travelers that need or want limited services. We appreciate that you may have received some of your preparation and advice through a primary care provider and you would like Traveler's Medical Service to provide vaccines that your primary care provider did not have. We are also a Certified Yellow Fever Vaccination Center and make this vaccine available during a brief "yellow fever only" appointment if this is appropriate for your needs.

Special note on brief appointments:
  • If you make a brief appointment with us, for a specific vaccine only, such as yellow fever, we must still provide a basic assessment of your itinerary and health information to make sure the vaccine/s are appropriate for you. This requires an office visit/brief pre-travel consultation with one of our travel health experts.
  • If you schedule for a brief appointment and realize during your time with our travel health experts, that you would like or need expanded advice, recommendations or vaccines, we will be happy to expand your visit; however if this cannot be worked into the schedule during your appointed time, we may have to reschedule you for a later time or another day to provide the additional services for you.

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