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Appointment and Payment Policies

Our appointment and payment policies are in place to help us provide you with the highest quality of service. When you schedule an appointment, our staff will help you to select an appropriate appointment type and time frame. They will also review the appointment and vaccine fees with you. The final cost of your visit will depend on the type of appointment and number of vaccines that you receive. For example if you book for a brief appointment, and request additional services and advice, there will be additional fees associated with this.

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Appointment Policy




When you make an appointment with us, we reserve that time frame for you in our schedule. This is why we only make appointments by phone so that we can do our best to manage the schedule according to the needs of each individual. We do not over book our schedule and we do our best to respect your appointment time. To help maintain this high level of service, we ask you to help, by honoring your appointment time and coming to our office a few minutes early, to complete some brief paperwork. If you arrive late for your appointment, or book for a brief appointment (such as yellow fever vaccine only) when your needs are more complex, you may need to wait or reschedule for the services that you need.

If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment we ask you to contact us a soon as possible.

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